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Plantation Shutters West Palm Beach, Florida

plantation-shutters-west-palm-beach, best plantation shutters west palm beach florida, cost of plantation shutters west palmInterior window designs, whether they be: plantation shutters, blinds, shades, awnings, or solar films all protect and beautify your home and your home investment.

But many of those window fashions are often made overseas in countries like Pakistan and China. Countries that have a history of producing products that are potentially harmful to you and your family.

Furthermore, homes in and around West Palm Beach Florida suffer from the same stresses and challenges as many homes in the southern coastal states — namely, blistering summer sun rays and year-round humidity that often ranks in the level of 80 and 90 percent.

That heat and that humidity that West Palm Beach Florida home-owners are faced with attacks the first materials it comes in contact with. Certainly, as we are speaking about window fashion and the interior protection that plantation shutters provide, the first thing that heat and humidity attacks is the glass in your windows. Glass that can act as a magnifier to actually increases the sun’s harmful effects namely heat and harmful UV rays. And as you may already know . . . both heat and UV rays penetrate windows and then can trigger off-gassing, blistering, pealing and fading of whatever it reaches next: drapes, blinds, plantation shutters, carpet and furniture for example.

That’s why you should insist in purchasing home products–including your interior plantation shutters–that are made, governed and protected in the USA.

Products that are made in the United States (not just assembled here, but actually made from components that are grown and produced here in the USA) carry some of the most stringent safety regulations on earth. And more to the point . . . plantation shutters that are made in the USA–like all of the plantation shutters that we install in West Palm Beach Florida homes–are proven to be some of the most durable and harm-free of window designs made anywhere. Protect your home investment and get more from your plantation shutters by insisting on 100% American made materials.

And, to see first-hand how we design and custom-craft our interior plantation shutters, visit our Florida workshop.

For more on the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission click here.


Plantation Shutters West Palm Beach Florida