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Made Better In America

Products that are made in the USA, like all of the products made in our Plantation Shutters Florida workshop, aren’t just good for the economy, very often they are the only safe option for the health of you and your family.

So often when we hear or see the “Made in America” slogan, we think about jobs and the economy. And these are certainly important considerations when buying products of any kind.

Good for our Economy, Better for Your Health

plantation-shutters-made-in-americaAnd even more important than the economic consequences of a product’s country of origin, is the risk to the health of you and your family that foreign-made products so often carry.

Scarier still, is that the #1 category of product recalls is home goods and the hazards cited for the recalls include:
• lead
• poisoning
• and even cadmium

China has proven itself to be the worst offender but other countries cited on a list published by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, include:
• Taiwan
• Mexico
• Hong Kong
• Thailand
• India
• and Pakistan

Plantation Shutters Made Better in America

Plantation Shutters Florida handcrafts all of our products right here in the USA (please visit our workshop in Stuart, Florida) using only safe and reliable components.

Support the health and well-being of your family while you support your country. Make sure the products you buy are made in the USA and which use only America-based components.