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Plantation Shutters Defined

How do You Define Plantation Shutters?

  • Traditional Shutters?
  • Louvered Window Coverings?
  • Slatted-Shutters?
  • Old-Style Shutters?

These are all terms often applied Plantation Shutters.

In reality, small paneled shutters (aka traditional shutters) are not “Plantation Shutters” due to the size of the slat, or louver. Where Plantation Shutters have louvers that start at 3″ and can grow to impressive widths based on design, “Traditional” and “Louver” shutters are the narrower, smaller style with the louvers (aka slats) typically ranging in size between 1″ and 2″; but they can extend up to three full inches.

The Height Advantage

Additionally, Plantation Shutters often soar to dramatic heights.

floor-to-ceiling-plantation-shutters-floridaWhere traditional and louvered shutters typically only cover the bottom portion of a window—whatever its size, Plantation Shutters can scale the height of an entire wall.

(NOTE: Because we custom-craft all of our shutters, we can create the perfect shutter for your unique taste and requirements).

More important than the term used to describe the look you crave, is to understand and appreciate the timeless elegance and useful functionality that this style of shutter (wide-slat or narrow-slat) affords to both home and business owners.

And if we can ever help you with definitions, choices of materials, measuring, repair, or any question or challenge you may have, please call us. We’re here to help you.