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Imported Plantation Shutters Harm the Planet

Imported Plantation Shutters–They’re not just inferior and even dangerous (see this post), but they harm our planet, as well.

I’m sure you already know that buying local (and sometimes “local” means within our country’s borders) supports our neighbors and strengthens our economy, but just wait until you see what an impact it has on our environment and planet.

chinese-garbage-from-1-order-of-plantation-shuttersbWitness these photos which depict the mountainous amounts of needless packaging, which will eventually clog our landfills, that comes from just ONE order of 14 Chinese-made plantation shutters.

Styrofoam, plastic wrap, plastic bindings–this is stuff that takes eons just to break down. Then the earth still has to assimilate it and convert it into something inert. That can take centuries (hundreds of centuries by some estimates).

You may be thinking to yourself: “Shutters are pretty sturdy things. What’s with all that packaging?” I’m glad you asked. When you factor in that a Chinese made plantation shutter takes 2-1/2 months to travel from China to Texas and that during that time it may be handled several dozens of times and transferred from one vehicle to another 10 or more times . . . you fully understand the need for all of that Styrofoam and plastic and cardboard. Oh, and oil. Image how much fuel is burned-up during that 2-1/2 month trans-Pacific voyage.

Contrast that scenario with buying locally produced products, such as plantation shutters from us:

Trans-Pacific freighter Fuel Cost = 0
Trans-continental protective Styrofoam and packaging components = 0
Landfill refuse that takes centuries to breakdown = 0
When you shop locally-owned businesses for products made right here in Florida and/or the USA, it’s a better value for you, a far superior product, and a better future for both your planet and your children.

Please, I beg you, if you don’t purchase your plantation shutters from us, please find another local producer–one who only uses components that are made in the USA. You owe it to yourself and your planet.