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santos ajucum

Santos Ajucum is a proud American business owner and family man

Written by Friends & Colleagues of Santos Ajucum

It’s a shame that competition in the Plantation Shutter business is so nasty that competitors erect website-centered smear campaigns.

One competitor in particular spends a tremendous amount of his time and resources spreading mis-truths, and libelous smears. To make things simpler, let’s call this one competitor “Les.” What is particularly interesting about “Les” the competitor is that Santos Ajucum was employed by him for over 12 years and “Les” never spread these lies. But now that Santos Ajucum, as well as other employees, have left this competitor’s company “Les” apparently feels entitled to demean the characters of his previous employees. Perhaps because trashing a person is so much easier to do than to build a better plantation shutter.

Santos Ajucum Isn’t Perfect

We all make mistakes. We all have regrets. And yes, “Les” is correct in that Santos is not perfect.

None of us are.

But does that mean that Santos should have to withstand an ongoing barrage of smears and mis-truths and damaging character assassinations?

Santos Ajucum The Real Story

So to give you a better vision of the real Santos Ajucum we, his friends, industry partners, employees, and community neighbors would like to share the following.

Santos Ajucum has been living legally within the United States of American since 1995

He is a married family man with three children of his own and two adopted children photo_2-300x250

Santos is a valued member of the Evangelica Prince of Peace Church where he has volunteered and contributed for over six years

He opened his own business, Plantation Shutters of Florida, in 2012

He employs and provides work for well over 2 dozen Americans including employees, contractors, providers, sales-people, designers and more

Santos Ajucum is a Florida homeowner and property tax-payer for over nine years

He builds such high-quality products that Plantation Shutters Florida is the only manufacturer in Florida to offer a money-back, 5-Star Guarantee.

Santos’ Plantation Shutters of Florida is accredited by the Better Business Bureau


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Wes Scott endorses Santos Ajucum Florida
Wes Scott endorses Santos Ajucum Florida

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